Download Oppo USB Drivers (All Models)


Download OPPO USB Drivers (latest versions) for all Oppo device models to help you connecting your Android to computer so you can further making files transfer or simply want to install the stock ROM.

Download Oppo USB Drivers (All Models)

As we all know currently Oppo doesn’t provide the PC Suite for their released Android devices, therefore we are forced to install the Oppo official USB Drivers to our computer to help our PC identifying our Oppo device.

Download Oppo USB Drivers — All Models and Latest Versions

  1. Download Oppo A33F USB Driver
  2. Download Oppo F5 USB Driver
  3. Download Oppo A71 USB Driver
  4. Download Oppo A57 USB Driver
  5. Download Oppo R7KF USB Driver
  6. Download Oppo A51W USB Driver
  7. Download Oppo A51 USB Driver
  8. Download Oppo U705T Ulike 2 USB Driver
  9. Download Oppo U701 Ulike USB Driver
  10. Download Oppo T29 USB Driver
  11. Download Oppo R819 USB Driver
  12. Download Oppo R817 Real USB Driver
  13. Download Oppo R1K R8001 USB Driver
  14. Download Oppo R815T Clover USB Driver
  15. Download Oppo R811 Real USB Driver
  16. Download Oppo R601 USB Driver
  17. Download Oppo R821T Find Muse USB Driver
  18. Download Oppo R2001 Yoyo USB Driver
  19. Download Oppo R9s USB Driver
  20. Download Oppo R1001 Joy USB Driver
  21. Download Oppo Find 5 Mini R827 USB Driver
  22. Download Oppo Find USB Driver
  23. Download Oppo Find 5 USB Driver
  24. Download Oppo N1 USB Driver
  25. Download Oppo Neo USB Driver
  26. Download Oppo R5 USB Driver
  27. Download Oppo N3 USB Driver
  28. Download Oppo Find 7a USB Driver
  29. Download Oppo Find 7 USB Driver
  30. Download Oppo R1S USB Driver
  31. Download Oppo R1 USB Driver
  32. Download Oppo Joy USB Driver
  33. Download Oppo N1 Mini USB Driver
  34. Download Oppo R3 USB Driver
  35. Download Oppo Neo 5 USB Driver
  36. Download Oppo Neo 3 USB Driver
  37. Download Oppo U3 USB Driver
  38. Download Oppo R7 Plus USB Driver
  39. Download Oppo R7 USB Driver
  40. Download Oppo R1C USB Driver
  41. Download Oppo 3000 USB Driver
  42. Download Oppo Mirror 3 USB Driver
  43. Download Oppo R1x USB Driver
  44. Download Oppo Joy Plus USB Driver
  45. Download Oppo A31 USB Driver
  46. Download Oppo Neo 5s USB Driver
  47. Download Oppo R831k USB Driver
  48. Download Oppo R1 R829T USB Driver
  49. Download Oppo Joy 3 A11w USB Driver
  50. Download Oppo Mirror 5s USB Driver
  51. Download Oppo Mirror 5 USB Driver
  52. Download Oppo R829 USB Driver
  53. Download Oppo R5s USB Driver
  54. Download Oppo R11 USB Driver
  55. Download Oppo R9 Plus USB Driver
  56. Download Oppo R7 Lite USB Driver
  57. Download Oppo A37f USB Driver
  58. Download Oppo A39 USB Driver
  59. Download Oppo A37 USB Driver
  60. Download Oppo F1s USB Driver
  61. Download Oppo Neo 7 USB Driver
  62. Download Oppo F1 USB Driver
  63. Download Oppo F3 Plus USB Driver
  64. Download Oppo F3 USB Driver
  65. Download Oppo A73 USB Driver – New!
  66. Download Oppo A83 USB Driver – New!
  67. Download Oppo F7 USB Driver – New!

How to install Oppo USB Drivers on computer?

If you have downloaded one of your preferred Oppo USB Driver from the list above and you don’t know how to install the driver then this section will guide you through the entire procedures needed.

Instructions or steps installing USB Drivers.

Step 1 — Download and then you need to extract the Android USB Driver on your computer.

Android USB Drivers Windows

Step 2 — Now go to Start (Windows) then go to Control Panel -> Device Manager (Choose Device Manager).

Device Manager

Step 3 — Now on top side of the Device Manager window you will find your computer name, then right click on it then choose Add legacy hardware.

Add legacy hardware

Step 4 — Choose Next

Welcome Wizard

Step 5 — Then choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced), then click on Next

Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)

Step 6 — Choose Show All Devices and then click Next button again.

Show All Devices

Step 7 — Click the Have Disk button.

Have Disk

Step 8 — Now click Browse button to locate the Android USB Driver you previously extracted to your computer from the step 1 -> android_winusb.inf then click on Open.

Install Android USB Driver

Step 9 — Click OK now.

Continue Install Android USB Driver PC

Step 10 — On this next window, just choose the Android ADB Interface -> click Next button.

Android ADB Interface PC

Step 11 — Click Next button again.

Install Android ADB Interface

Step 12 — Windows Security box will appear, to confirm whether you really want to install the Android USB Driver, so just choose the Install this driver software anyway.

Install this driver software anyway

Step 13 — Once you clicked the Finish button, then repeat from step 2 to choose Android Composite ADB Interface.

Android Composite ADB Interface

Step 14 — Finish guys.

Important notes

[1] Windows OS only software. Remember to only download and install the OPPO USB Drivers on Windows computer only.

[2] Request. If you don’t find your driver then you can request to us on the provided comment area.

[3] Stock ROM. You can also download OPPO stock ROM firmware with the help of this USB Driver.

[4] Credit. All Oppo USB Drivers here are contributed by Oppo, so full credits go to the company.


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