Samsung Galaxy J1 4G USB Driver

Download Samsung Galaxy J1 4G USB Driver to your computer to help you connect your Android smartphones, tablets and feature phones to computer.

Descriptions. With Samsung USB Driver you connect your Android device to PC, then can transfer files and installing stock ROMs for your need.

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Download Samsung Galaxy J1 4G USB Driver

  • File name: Samsung Galaxy J1 4G USB Driver
  • File format: ZIP.
  • File size: 9.15 MB.


Instructions to manually install driver on PC

Step 1 — Download and afterward unzip the Driver file to your computer.

Step 2 — And open Device Manager now to click the Add the Legacy HardWare Menu.

Step 3 — Click Next and then choose Install The HardWare that I select Manually from a List.

Step 4 — Then find the Drivers you previously unzipped or extracted on your PC.

Step 6 — Click Add now then you will find your Drivers is listed in the Device Manager.

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[1] Windows only USB Driver. This Samsung USB Driver only supports Windows Operating System based computer therefore do not install on both Macintosh and Linux Operating Systems.

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