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Download Samsung USB Drivers (All USB Models)


Download Samsung USB Drivers (latest versions) for all Samsung device models that you will likely need to help you connecting your Android device to computer for transferring files between your device to computer and otherwise.

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Albeit Samsung provides us with Samsung KIES that works similar with PC Suite to which the software will automatically install Samsung USB Driver on computer. But if you dislike the KIES prefer to install the specific Samsung USB Driver only to your computer then this page is for you. You will find all the available USB Driver for Samsung Galaxy models.

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Download Samsung USB Drivers — All Models and Latest Versions

Download v1.5.63.0.zip

Download v1.5.61.0.zip

Download v1.5.60.0.zip

Download v1.5.59.0.zip

  1. Samsung Galaxy Young Duos GT-S6312 USB Driver
  2. Samsung GT-I9220 Galaxy Note USB Driver
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000L USB Driver
  4. Samsung Galaxy J1 4G USB Driver
  5. Samsung P3100 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi-Fi USB Driver
  6. Samsung Galaxy Continuum SCH-I400 USB Driver
  7. Samsung S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos USB Driver
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi GT-P5110 USB Driver
  9. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 USB Driver
  10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 SPH-P100 USB Driver
  11. Samsung I9100P Galaxy S2 USB Driver
  12. Samsung S5282 Galaxy Star Duos USB Driver
  13. Samsung GT-N7102 Galaxy Note 2 USB Driver
  14. Samsung Galaxy 551 GT-I5510M USB Driver
  15. Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 USB Driver
  16. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 SM-T310 USB Driver
  17. Samsung GT-N7005 Galaxy Note LTE USB Driver
  18. Samsung Galaxy Appeal SGH-I827 USB Driver
  19. Samsung Galaxy Tb 3 10.1 LTE GT-P5220 USB Driver
  20. Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300 USB Driver
  21. Samsung SPH-L720 Galaxy S4 Sprint USB Driver
  22. Samsung I9008L Galaxy S LCD USB Driver
  23. Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000T USB Driver
  24. Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance USB Driver
  25. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Wi-Fi (GT-P3113) USB Driver
  26. Samsung S7500 Galaxy Ace Plus USB Driver
  27. Samsung SPH-L900 Galaxy Note 2 USB Driver
  28. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 SGH-T849 USB Driver
  29. Samsung I9070P Galaxy S Advance USB Driver
  30. Samsung I9003 Galaxy S LCD USB Driver
  31. Samsung GT-P7500R Galaxy Tab 10.1 USB Driver
  32. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos USB Driver
  33. Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 USB Driver
  34. Samsung SM-N9002 Galaxy Note 3 Duos USB Driver
  35. Samsung Galaxy Exhillarate SGH-I577 USB Driver
  36. Samsung GT-N8010 Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi USB Driver
  37. Samsung Galaxy Glo GT-S5660 USB Driver
  38. Samsung I9003L Galaxy S LCD USB Driver
  39. Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos USB Driver
  40. Samsung Galaxy Sidekick 4G SGH-T839 USB Driver
  41. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (GT-P5100) USB Driver
  42. Samsung SGH-I717 Galaxy Note USB Driver
  43. Samsung I9105P Galaxy S2 Plus (NFC) USB Driver
  44. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere SCH-I405 USB Driver
  45. Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-I535 USB Driver
  46. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 SPH-P500 USB Driver
  47. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos USB Driver
  48. Samsung Galaxy Core Duos GT-I8262 USB Driver
  49. Samsung SCH-I605 Galaxy Note 2 USB Driver
  50. Samsung Galaxy Droid Charge SCG-I510 USB Driver
  51. Samsung I8190N Galaxy S3 Mini USB Driver
  52. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi Fi GT-P7511 USB Driver
  53. Samsung Galaxy V USB Driver
  54. Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570I USB Driver
  55. Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G AGH-I997 USB Driver
  56. Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 USB Driver
  57. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 LTE SM-T315 USB Driver
  58. Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G SGH-T759 USB Driver
  59. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 GT-S7710 USB Driver
  60. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus USB Driver
  61. Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I9080 USB Driver
  62. Samsung S7710 Galaxy S2 LTE USB Driver
  63. Samsung Galaxy Erope GT-I5503L USB Driver
  64. Samsung Galaxy Win GT-I8552 USB Driver
  65. Samsung I9210 Galaxy S2 LTE USB Driver
  66. Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace USB Driver
  67. Samsung Galaxy S Avlator SCH-R930 USB Driver
  68. Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330 USB Driver
  69. Samsung I9105 Galaxy S2 Plus USB Driver
  70. Samsung SGH-T889 Galaxy Note 2 USB Driver
  71. Samsung Galaxy Vibrant SGH-T959 USB Driver
  72. Samsung SCH-R970 Galaxy S4 U.S.C USB Driver
  73. Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket SGH-I727 USB Driver
  74. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3100 USB Driver
  75. Samsung Galaxy Gravity SMART SGH-T589 USB Driver
  76. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Wi-Fi SM-T311 USB Driver
  77. Samsung Galaxy E5 USB Driver
  78. Samsung Galaxy E7 USB Driver
  79. Samsung Galaxy Grand Max USB Driver
  80. Samsung Galaxy View USB Driver
  81. Samsung Z1 USB Driver
  82. Samsung Z3 USB Driver
  83. Samsung S5830M Galaxy Ace USB Driver
  84. Samsung Galaxy 551 GT-I5510T USB Driver
  85. Samsung GT-P5200 Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 USB Driver
  86. Samsung Galaxy Beam GT-I8520 USB Driver
  87. Samsung SGH-M919 T-MC Galaxy S4 USB Driver
  88. Samsung I9192 Galaxy SIV Mini Duos USB Driver
  89. Samsung Galaxy 551 GT-I5510L USB Driver
  90. Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M USB Driver
  91. Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 USB Driver
  92. Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Duos GT-I9152 USB Driver
  93. Samsung SCH-R950 Galaxy Note 2 USB Driver
  94. Samsung I9008 Galaxy S USB Driver
  95. Samsung SCH-I545 Galaxy S4 Verizon USB Driver
  96. Samsung S5830L Galaxy Ace USB Driver
  97. Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 GT-I9150 USB Driver
  98. Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 2 4G SGH-T679 USB Driver
  99. Samsung S5280 Galaxy Star USB Driver
  100. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S USB Driver
  101. Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 USB Driver
  102. Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE SPH-L300 USB Driver
  103. Samsung S7562 Galaxy S Duos USB Driver
  104. Samsung Nexus 10 GT-P8110 USB Driver
  105. Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 USB Driver
  106. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V USB Driver
  107. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 P5220 USB Driver
  108. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.0 Wi-Fi (GT-P5210) USB Driver
  109. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510B USB Driver
  110. Samsung I9108 Galaxy S2 USB Driver
  111. Samsung I9300T Galaxy S3 USB Driver
  112. Samsung P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9 USB Driver
  113. Samsung GT-N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 USB Driver
  114. Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G SPH-D700 USB Driver
  115. Samsung Galaxy FIT GT-S5670 USB Driver
  116. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE GT-I9205 USB Driver
  117. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 SHG-T779 USB Driver
  118. Samsung GT-I9228 Galaxy Note USB Driver
  119. Samsung I9100G Galaxy S2 USB Driver
  120. Samsung I9000B Galaxy S USB Driver
  121. Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5363 USB Driver
  122. Samsung Galaxy Gear SM-V700 USB Driver
  123. Samsung S5830B Galaxy Ace USB Driver
  124. Samsung S7272 Galaxy Ace 3 Duos USB Driver
  125. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 SCH-I800 USB Driver
  126. Samsung Galaxy Nexus SPH-L700 USB Driver
  127. Samsung S7270 Galaxy Ace 3 USB Driver
  128. Samsung S5830C Galaxy Ace USB Driver
  129. Samsung P6200L Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus USB Driver
  130. Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360B USB Driver
  131. Samsung I9000T Galaxy S USB Driver
  132. Samsung Galaxy Glo GT-S5660V USB Driver
  133. Samsung I9195 Galaxy S4 Mini LTE USB Driver
  134. Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150B USB Driver
  135. Samsung I9305 Galaxy S3 LTE USB Driver
  136. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere2 SCH-I415 USB Driver
  137. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (All Variants) USB Driver
  138. Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S4 USB Driver
  139. Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro USB Driver
  140. Samsung Galaxy Premier GT-I9268 USB Driver
  141. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 SCH-I815 USB Driver
  142. Samsung S7275 Galaxy Ace 3 LTE USB Driver
  143. Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-R530 USB Driver
  144. Samsung SM-P605 Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition USB Driver
  145. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 GT-S7110 USB Driver
  146. Samsung Galaxy Apollo GT-I5800 USB Driver
  147. Samsung I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 USB Driver
  148. Samsung Galaxy S Reay 4G SGH-T699 USB Driver
  149. Samsung SGH-T879 Galaxy Note USB Driver
  150. Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note USB Driver

How to install Samsung USB Drivers on computer?

If you have downloaded one of your preferred Samsung USB Driver from the list above and you don’t know how to install the driver then this section will guide you through the entire procedures needed.

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Instructions or steps installing USB Drivers.

Step 1 — Download and then you need to extract the Android USB Driver on your computer.

Android USB Drivers Windows

Step 2 — Now go to Start (Windows) then go to Control Panel -> Device Manager (Choose Device Manager).

Device Manager

Step 3 — Now on top side of the Device Manager window you will find your computer name, then right click on it then choose Add legacy hardware.

Add legacy hardware

Step 4 — Choose Next

Welcome Wizard

Step 5 — Then choose Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced), then click on Next

Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)

Step 6 — Choose Show All Devices and then click Next button again.

Show All Devices

Step 7 — Click the Have Disk button.

Have Disk

Step 8 — Now click Browse button to locate the Android USB Driver you previously extracted to your computer from the step 1 -> android_winusb.inf then click on Open.

Install Android USB Driver

Step 9 — Click OK now.

Continue Install Android USB Driver PC

Step 10 — On this next window, just choose the Android ADB Interface -> click Next button.

Android ADB Interface PC

Step 11 — Click Next button again.

Install Android ADB Interface

Step 12 — Windows Security box will appear, to confirm whether you really want to install the Android USB Driver, so just choose the Install this driver software anyway.

Install this driver software anyway

Step 13 — Once you clicked the Finish button, then repeat from step 2 to choose Android Composite ADB Interface.

Android Composite ADB Interface

Step 14 — Finish guys.

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Important notes

[1] Windows OS only software. Remember to only download and install the Samsung USB Drivers on Windows computer only.

[2] Request. If you don’t find your driver then you can request to us on the provided comment area.

[3] Stock ROM. You can also download Samsung stock ROM firmware with the help of this USB Driver.

[4] Credit. All Samsung USB Drivers here are contributed by Samsung, so full credits go to the company.


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