HTC Desire VC USB Driver

Download HTC Desire VC USB Drivers to your computer and then learn to install HTC Desire VC USB Driver from our dedicated tutorials to your computer. Once you have installed the USB Driver then you can transfer files from your Android device to PC and vice versa. You can also install stock or custom ROM using this driver.

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Descriptions. With HTC USB Drivers you can make file transfers between your Android smartphones, tablets and feature phones to PC, and vice versa.

Download HTC USB Drivers

Download HTC Desire VC USB Drivers

  • File name: HTC Desire VC USB Drivers
  • Driver type: ADB.
  • File size: 8.3 MB.


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How To Install HTC Desire VC ADB Driver on computer

Step 1 — Download and extract the Android USB Driver to your PC.

Android USB Drivers Windows

Step 2 — Click Start (Windows) -> Control Panel -> Device Manager (Select Device Manager).

Device Manager

Step 3 — On the Device Manager window find and click on computer name to select Add legacy hardware.

Add legacy hardware

Step 4 — Select Next.

Welcome Wizard

Step 5 — Selext Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced), and click the Next

Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)

Step 6 — Select Show All Devices afterward click Next button again.

Show All Devices

Step 7 — Click the Have Disk button.

Have Disk

Step 8 — Click Browse button to find the extracted Android ADB Driver -> android_winusb.inf and click on Open.


Install Android USB Driver

Step 9 — Click OK.

Continue Install Android USB Driver PC

Step 10 — Now select the Android ADB Interface -> click Next button.

Android ADB Interface PC

Step 11 — Click Next button again.

Install Android ADB Interface

Step 12 — Windows Security box will appear, to confirm whether you really want to install the Android USB Driver, so just choose the Install this driver software anyway.

Install this driver software anyway

Step 13 — Once you clicked the Finish button, then repeat from step 2 to choose Android Composite ADB Interface.

Android Composite ADB Interface

Step 14 — Finish guys.

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[1] Driver Signature Error. Sometime you encounter the Driver Signature Error during the driver installation, in that case you are invited to follow the dedicated tutorials from this page.

[2] Windows OS only. Only install the HTC USB Driver here on Windows OS computer and not on Macintosh or Linux Operating System based computer.

[3] More USB Drivers. In case you have a different HTC device models then you are welcomed to visit our HTC USB Drivers dedicated page.

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