Download KingRoot APK [All Versions]

Download KingRoot APK

Root Android is the basic process to customize your operating system and firmware, so you can enjoy the full access toward your system.

When an Android is in root condition, a user will get the “superuser” level, as the “su” in Linux command prompt which is the definition of superuser.

As the superuser, a user can independently customize their system such as erasing pre-installed apps and also installing extended apk easily without using Google Play Store.

Methods to obtain root access is the important one for a user who likes modifying or customizing their Android firmware. With rooting apps, a user can open a full access toward their Android firmware, by the a user can access nearly everything that is impossible to be accessed by a mere user.

KingRoot is one the apps that is offering easiness for users to root their Android device, aside from its relatively small size, a simple interface. A new user can start using this app easily and quickly because of it has a super user friendly interface and menus.

But don’t be confused with other name, KingoRoot, because these two are different applications, KingRoot is not KingoRoot and otherwise.

But the two are offering the same functionality which is to root Android operating system based smartphones, tablets and feature phones and also comes with one single click ability. These apps are quite popular among Android users.

Back to KingRoot, this app comes with two versions, in .apk format that’s designed to give root directly to Android device ability, that means you don’t need a computer to root, all the root processes can be done directly from your Android device and the other is in .exe is for Windows Operating System. But on this post I only focus on the KingRoot in .apk file.

With this version you can easily and directly root Android without using computer. And this page contains all the available version of KingRoot for you to download to root your Android OS based device.

Once your device’s rooted, that means you will lose your warranty. So everything you will reap after rooting is totally yours to bear.

KingRoot Information

KingRoot InfoInformation
File nameKingRoot
SupportAndroid 2.3 and or a newer
Supported DPIsnodpi
New Version5.3.8
Maximum File Size10.98MB

Download KingRoot all versions

KingRoot VersionFile SizeDownloadFormat
KingRoot 5.3.8 New!10.98MBDownloadAPK
KingRoot 5.3.712.62MBDownloadAPK
KingRoot 5.3.512.62MBDownloadAPK
KingRoot 5.3.312.6MBDownloadAPK
KingRoot 5.0.617.23MBDownloadAPK
KingRoot 5.0.517.65MBDownloadAPK
KingRoot 5.0.418.38MBDownloadAPK

Before you root your Android, be sure you have make necessary backup to your data, have enough battery power over your Android smart devices—at least 50%, have an internet connection.

And the rooting process using KingRoot is very easy. Once you have installed KingRoot apk, then you can open KingRoot apk on your Android smart devices.

Once KingRoot is open then it will immediately analyze the needed stuff to decide whether your Android smart device meet the requirements or not. After it, you will find a big button with Root word. Click that button, and wait for the rooting process to finish, reboot your device.

Once your device finished rebooting, you will see KingUser app icon on the app menu. That means the rooting process was successful. Congratulations.

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